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Slendermanxreader A fairytale part 21
A fairytale 
Part 21
8:00 am; Day 1: Festival 
Narrator's point of view 
As the morning sun greeted you through the cracks of the curtains, you joyfully hopped out of bed and readied yourself for a shower. Despite having texting the night away with John, you were more excited than ever to be up an early. You practiced singing through out the whole shower, not caring that your dad might have been asleep. You stepped out of the bathroom in cozy clothes, since you weren't going to get ready until 12 pm, you as well noticed your dad wasn't up yet. "So what to do for a few more hours...?", you wondered. "I know", you gleefully said. You went downstairs to the living room to a small cabinet under the TV, where your father kept all his VHS tapes. You scanned over his dusty collection, hoping something will catch you eye.
As your eyes roamed over the tapes, you couldn't help but notice one particular tape with a small skull ta
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Slendermanxreader A fairytale part 20
A fairytale 
Part 20
The ride to work was smooth and easy just as it would be for the following day. Not much happened on Tuesday or Wednesday, you'd go to work, go back home, and later in the night, you would rehears with John for Friday night.  You were very excited, for performing and dancing at the ball on Sunday for 4th of July.
Thursday morning; at work, 1 day left
"Omg!!! Only today left and tomorrow we can party!", you squealed as you entered your usual work place, putting on your apron, to find John in clothes of labor with Mary.
"Hey, babe", John said with a smile and open arms as you entered with excitement. "What are you doing here? Didn't you get my message?", he asked you after he released you from his hug and kiss on the forehead. 
"Uhh noo... My phone was out of battery last night, and it's still off", you said looking at him with a little concern as you made your way to Mary to greet her. "Hi Mary", you
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Offenderman X Alex Lemon (Requested) :iconalexandrieathekiller:AlexandrieaTheKiller 11 320
Deep in the valley of the mask Chapter 1
One day in a mysterious valley, Autumn Bliss was taking a swim in the pool when something mysterious crashed into the pool.
She swam over to see what it was.
What she got to the item she saw floating, she reached out and grabbed it.
She saw that she was holding a green wooden mask.
"This looks like the mask from the movie 'The Mask.' If I remember right it only works at night!" Autumn said.
So she got out of the pool, and waited for it to get dark.
When she looked at the mask, she felt like she was being fooled.
"Why am I being so foolish? It's just a movie, right? That doesn't mean it works like it did in the movie!" Autumn said, questioning herself.
Then, the mask started to shimmer in front of her eyes.
"Well might as well try it on!" Autumn said.
Autumn moved the mask closer to her face.
Just then, the mask started to suck her face causing her to yank it away.
"Whoa!" Autumn said, freaked.
Soon after, the mask shimmered again causing her to bring it to her face again.
The mask stre
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